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NEW CLASSES! we have made some changes and are excited about what is coming for Fall 2023!!!

At Madison Ballet Academy

 students are suggested to take a ballet class, but not required

we encourage correct placement in classroom settings.

We are happy to give recommendations on their level placements.   Please email us for more information. VISIT US ON FACEBOOK!


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**** Preschool Classes

offered at three different preschools locally in our surrounding areas. 




I.) Class Descriptions &  Dance Attire:


Ballet:  Classical Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance.  This class will help students develop poise, grace, and balance.  All Ballet students are expected to adhere to a dress code.  Levels are pre-selected for students based on their abilities and prior ballet studies. Students will progress to a point with the teacher's guidance and approval. Leotard color must be worn according to level: bubble gum light pink, sweet light purple lavender, and deep purple. All other students may wear pink tights without seams.  Pink split sole leather ballet shoes for girls and black ballet shoes for boys.  All ballet students must pull their hair back into ballet buns.  


Fireflies: Pre-Ballet(ages 3-5): Pre-Ballet classes are 45 minutes long.  The class consists of basic ballet techniques.  Students will also be exposed to creative movement exercises and introduced to musicality. 

 Pink shoes for girls and black ballet shoes for boys without pull string.


Princess and the Frogs Combo & Princess Poppy Combo class: The student will be given ballet instruction for the first half of class and will alternate between jazz and tap for the second half.  This class helps expose the young dancer to various styles of dance. Students will need lavender leotards, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, and black Mary Jane tap shoes. 


Pre-Pointe: Pre-Pointe is designed to strengthen ballet students who wish to advance to pointe.  Students' age is a variable for the requirement of this class.   This class is required to progress to pointe. Students ages nine and up who attend this class go through strict instruction and are required to take a ballet technique in addition to this class. Platter tutus are purchased from our school at this level.


Lyrical:  Lyrical is a style of dance that mixes ballet, modern, and jazz to create fluid, yet technical movements.  We will work on strengthing the performance quality of each student while focusing on technique. This class volume fills quickly, students must be on time and ready to work hard. Students must wear dance attire: tan or pink tights, without feet, leotard, and no shoe ballet flats or tan halfbacks may also be worn. 


Contemporary Ballet:  a fast-paced class that works on body, strength, and mental development.  With the major fast-paced movement of dance sweeping the nation, this class offers a nice combination of both ballet and new ideas of distraction and body control while still using ballet technicality and steps.  Students need pink ballet flats and footless tights.   


Jazz: Fosse's style of Jazz mixed with today's newest jazz vibes are instructed and is a fun and energetic type of dance.  We will work with upbeat, popular music and emphasize technique.  We will work on strengthening and conditioning as well as learning the latest dance moves. BLACK shoes.


FUNKY FUN CLASS: a fusion of jazz, hip hop, and stretching that allows students to work on rhythm and motion with dance and mat work. TAN Jazz shoes with athletic clothes or age-appropriate dance wear.  


StretchThe stretch class is designed to elongate and strengthen muscle groups and improve overall fitness and movement quality.  This class is often associated with the trained dancer but can be taken without having a technical dance background.  Core strength works both the body and mind.  Dancers learn to use their muscle groups and breathing techniques through this class.  Attire for this class may be loose-fitting clothes such as athletic wear or dance attire, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes may be worn.  


NEW FUN: Barre: designed for adult participants who want a ballet and balance-infused workout class. Previous dance training is not required. Ballet socks or shoes are suggested both athletic clothing and ballet clothing are recommended.



Body, Agility, Strength, and Endurance Class

For all ages athletes, parents, teams, and coaches.  Ms. Catherine owner of MBA was looking for training and endurance work that athletes could attend during the Winter and Fall seasons. This class helps to keep participants not only in top shape but to focus on any injuries and body strengthing that may be in critical need for an athlete to get back to his or her best self. Students should wear sports uniforms directed by coaches or teachers.  Socks and tennis shoes are required.

 Tuition Due By the first of each month and is considered late by the 13th of each a late fee of $10 will be added invoices will be sent by email.


Meet our teachers:

Mrs. Catherine

Mrs. Leah

Miss Ana

Miss Rebecca


We are closed on Feb. 19, 2024

Monday our studio will be closed



FYI:Our studio website will be down March 1, 2024 for updating



We are excited to announce our Recital Theme

Its a Jungle Out There:

June 1, 2024




Please email us for details:



Daddy Daughter Valentines Week and classes... information coming.



STUDIO FUNparties by:

 Smores' Co.

camping, dance, glamping, and more slumber themes await your child's special day!!


Private Lesson/Solo

request NOW open


Photos for recital: information coming. 


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March 1, 2024, and camp


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We are excited to see you all dancing in the classrooms!!!

Happy Dancing



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